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Redemption Center

Redemption recycles aluminum, glass, and plastic bottles and cans that you paid a Maine Deposit on.  We will pay you back the deposit on the retail side.

How does recycling work in Maine?

Find out more about the laws and background on the Maine Bottle Bill.

 Bottle Recycling in Maine

Beginning in 1978, Maine's "Bottle Bill" has become an excellent way for us to recycle our glass, plastic, and aluminum bottles and cans. In 2015, the state transferred administration of recycling to the Maine Department of Environmental Protection.

The program is essential to keeping Maine free from litter and keeping recyclable material out of landfills and incinerators. Redemption centers like Bow Jangles are the key to making it all possible.

In Maine, you get back for any beer, hard cider, wine coolers, soda, or noncarbonated water beverage containers, and alcoholic or noncarbonated drinks. You also get 15¢ back on spirits and wine beverage containers.

Please clean your containers! It helps everybody along the recycling journey immensely.

Thank you!!

Image by Rene Bieder
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